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Published August 20, 2010

Fiending for NHL Hockey to Start Again…

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It’s a lot like Purgatory, this hockey offseason. Certainly not heaven, but not quite hell, either.

Just... somewhere in the middle.

It’s a lot like sitting in a bluish-grey waiting room. Sitting there, wondering what the hell to do to pass the time. Free Agency? Meh. Not much going on there, barring a trade, which seems to be what some are thinking with the acquisition of Ben Guite this week. Maybe something is up, maybe there are just a lot of questions about what happens to the third and fourth lines going into training camp.

But chances are the Blue Jackets seem to have made all the noise they’re going to make this summer.

The inaugural CannonFest last Sunday was more than just a chance to have some beers and wings. For guys like me, it was a kind of group therapy.

However, in all this silence, a bunch of fans and bloggers found a little bit of salvation – and for many brave souls, an excuse to wear a hockey sweater in ridiculously hot weather. The inaugural CannonFest last Sunday was more than just a chance to have a couple beers and get some discounted wings. For guys like me, it was a kind of group therapy.

Or maybe just a much-needed fix.

This offseason seems longer than any other – with the exception of the last lockout – and not just because the Jackets were once again hitting the links in April. There was also the way they did it – namely that horrific faceplant they did in December. Bad bounces… sure, there were a few of those, but it was an overall lack of composure that saw the team tank the way they did last season. The wheels just fell off, and they just couldn’t get back in.

Sure, there were a few moments of brilliance, and a few moments where it looked like there was some hope of climbing back, but the good guys just didn’t get the momentum to climb out of the hole that –sadly – they dug themselves.

However, CannonFest was about moving forward, and as special guest and video producer extraordinaire Tom Larrow (a.k.a., Skraut) said at Sunday’s festivities, in order to move forward with this season, we have to give last season a proper burial.

Well, his latest fan video (and I might add, he does amazing work, as you’ll see) provided that opportunity. You can see it right here.

I think it’s safe to say that all in attendance are very much looking forward to a season full of more of the good highlights, and much fewer of the bad ones. But whatever happens, I think we’re all also looking forward to the next CannonFest. For now, it’s time for me to shake off the cobwebs, because the offseason is getting into its later stages, and camp is only about a month away.

Need more hockey?  Over on the MartiniHockey blog, I take a look at the Kovalchuk contract rejection, and why its aftermath is something to fear.

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