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Published November 18, 2009

Ohio State vs. Michigan game predictions from our featured writers

Ohio State Buckeyes nice asses
 Kiss this Michigan!

A few of our Featured Writers tackle the tricky task of prognosticating a pigskin pick. We tried to get the "other side" represented here, but couldn't find anyone south of Toledo that actually thought RichRod's Wolverines had a chance. Oh well.

Dave Herd: About the only thing in common these two squads have is losing to Purdue. While some may say the Buckeyes are on cruise control having wrapped up the Rose Bowl and that Michigan is in a must win situation for .500, a bowl game and any semblance of respectability, I'm just not buying the upset here. I see a good old-fashioned "throwback" win - Ohio State 23 - Michigan 6.

Brian White: I fall into the "better be careful" group on this one. Michigan can definitely score points and an easy win for the Buckeyes can't be considered a sure thing at all, especially given Tressel's propensity toward offensive conservatism. Then throw in a few odd bounces of the ball here or there, a gust of wind coming along at just the right time for the Wolverines, perhaps a few drops of rain to cause a few fumbles or dropped passes by Ohio State, and before you know it Michigan is within 25 points. Ohio State 38 - Michigan 17.

The Coach: The Ohio State University travels to the big toilet bowl in the big toilet bowl known as Michigan. It is do or die time for Dick Rod and Tater Tot. They can make their season and keep Dick Rod employed for another year with an upset of the Buckeyes. This is a game we should win easily but Tressel will keep it close to the sweater vest and make it interesting. meeeshitagin will give it all they have but they never have enough in the second half and will melt down like Chernobyl in the spring thaw. Their defense is so pathetic even Tresselball can score on them. I see it Ohio State 31 - Michigan 17.

Kayleigh Curtis: This weekend's Ohio State/Michigan game will be an interesting one for sure - it always is! It never seems to matter how good or bad either team is during the rest of the season. However, the Wolverines are clearly struggling right now. They have dropped their last four games and their opponents have scored 309 points this season. The Buckeyes, in comparison, have only allowed 136 points, second only to Penn State who has allowed a mere 128 points against. I am predicting Ohio State 28 - Michigan 13.

Phil Harrison: Though I feel a little weird about this game, it is hard to see how Michigan will be able to pull off the upset.  If Ohio State can stay away from the content feeling that they have already wrapped up their Big 10 Championship and Rose Bowl, then the game will not be close.  Alas, it is The Game.  I have a feeling that Michigan will come out ready to play since their post season hinges on a victory.  This is really their only chance to put a stamp on their season.  I see a closer game than many imagine, but despite all of the factors going against Ohio State, you would be crazy to not pick them as the better team.  Ohio State survives and wins the Big 10 Championship outright: Ohio State 24 - Michigan 21

Alex Callos: With the Big Ten title already wrapped up and a trip to the Rose Bowl a sure thing, Ohio State and Michigan square off in Ann Arbor. The greatest rivalry in college football will be renewed Saturday with the Buckeyes the heavy favorite.  While the Big Ten is already decided, there is still a lot on the line as these two teams prepare to square off.  A Buckeye win means an outright Big Ten title.  A Michigan victory means they are bowl eligible.  Ohio State has dominated the rivalry recently and clearly is the more talented team.  Playing in Ann Arbor offers little advantage for the Wolverines as they have lost their past two games at home.  Michigan has gotten progressively worse as the season has winded down and Ohio State is peaking at the right time.  The Michigan defense is downright awful having allowed at least 26 points in every Big Ten game.  The Buckeyes have the talent to put points on the board and the Ohio State defense is perhaps the best Michigan has seen all season.  Tressel has dominated Michigan and this year will be no different.  An outright Big Ten title and another victory against the team from up north is only a few days away. Buckeyes win handily - Ohio State 31 - Michigan 13

Ryan Kennedy: Ohio State makes their way to the "State up north" once again. This year like many others there are a few things on the line. Ohio State with a win will be outright Big 10 champs. Michigan will be hoping to surprise OSU with a loss and try to keep Rich safe from the hot seat and be bowl eligible. I know you are supposed to put the records and even the play aside for this, the best rivalry in college football, but in this case I can't do that. Michigan has shown al through this season that they can't stop anyone. They can score points, however they might not score that many against one of the best defensive OSU teams I have seen. I just can't see it being very close. I will give you another little hint how this one will go with a joke. What's the difference between Rice Krispies and the Michigan football team? At least Rice Krispies will make it to a bowl this year. Ohio State 36 - Michigan 9

Martin Poston: The outcome of this game will depend on which Tate Forcier shows up: The Forcier who was brilliant against EMU, WMU, Notre Dame, Deleware State and Indiana? Or the Forcier who has struggled through a six game Big Ten losing streak. I think he'll show some things in a close game. Ohio State 38 - Michigan 31

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November 18, 2009 8:15pm [ 1 ]

Wow- Looks like I am the only one that thinks this is going to be a game? I hope I am wrong, but I see a perfect storm sort of circumstances hitting this one. I still think we'll win, but you can bet that Michigan will be playing with a lot of desperation. Go Bucks!

November 20, 2009 10:01pm [ 2 ]

Michigan will WIN! Huge upset but the wolves will win. RR will get fired and the suckeyes will get there hiney pounded by Stanford in the Rose Bowl. GO BLUE!

Andrew Walters
November 20, 2009 10:40pm [ 3 ]

As many see a certain victory for Ohio State. I see a challenge. When a team "knows" they are going to win, no matter how they have done in the past. They tend to play as though they have won. I see Ohio States biggest failure is assuming they have won before the game has played. If the players come out and assume they will win, then they stand a chance to lose. Michigan is a very good team, and always will be. They will come out with the the thought that this is the fight of their life. And therefor will strive harder for victory. I think that Ohio States only real chance in this game will be to treat it like any other game: Play like they do, work hard, and win.

My true beliefs are: Ohio state will start off weak. They will go into the game thinking they have already won. They will struggle to "be on the board". Then, half way through they might (hopefully) realize this is not a charity game. If they don't work harder than they have all season, they will lose. I predict that they will win by no more than 7 points, and alot of Michigan people will say it was one of the best games Michigan has played all season.

History shows, the Ohio State vs. Michigan game is a rivalry that beats most others. When they play again this year, it will be a very fierce competition and will be a game to see!

Cranky Buck
November 20, 2009 10:51pm [ 4 ]

Andrew, what are you smoking? First, it's the writers on this site saying that OSU is going to win, not the players themselves. Those guys are saying and doing all the right things. Besides, how does your point apply to last year when the situation was the same and OSU killed Michigan?

Also, this statement: "Michigan is a very good team, and always will be." - doesn't even deserve a rebuttal.

There's other crazy stuff in there ("Ohio States only real chance in this game...") but I'm not wasting any more of my time. Buckeyes by at least 20.

November 21, 2009 12:43am [ 5 ]

Cranky, as bad as Michigan is, your "suckeyes" will roll into Pasadena and get there melon thumped! They are the best thing going in an inept conference. Michigan will return to form, RR will be fired and Michigan will return to prominence. If Tressel loses this Rose Bowl(which he will), he will be under a microscope as a coach that cannot beat the SC's, and Florida'a and LSU's and Texas. He can't win the big one! He will be fired within three years if he does not resign. I love watching the "suckeyes" play in a BCS bowl and getting there hiney spanked.

November 21, 2009 12:47am [ 6 ]

I was at the Coliseum last year when Pete Carrol and the men from Troy, turned the "suckeyes", into a bunch of "hand-puppets". It was pure joy watching those ugly silver helmets adorned with (gay-stickers), hanging nice and low, when USC turned them into a bunch of little girlymen. Ah, what a joy, fight on Trojans!

charles brown
November 21, 2009 4:44am [ 7 ]

Michigan and Cleveland are doing just fine this year. Who knows, the wolverines may get better-NOT

November 21, 2009 1:22pm [ 8 ]

I love the Wolverines. Go Blue! things will get better when RR gets canned and the wheel turns! Michigan will return next year, right now the smell, badly. They reek so bad, I can smell them on the west coast. That said, it will be fun watching the suckeyes go to Pasadena and getting drilled by the Pac-10. Go Blue.

joe steel
November 21, 2009 1:26pm [ 9 ]

I love Michigan, right now they really stink. Things will get better when RR is canned, the sooner the better. I hate the Buckeyes, they are our chief rival, all the best to them in the Rose Bowl, Tressel is a class coach. Always, Go Blue!

November 22, 2009 10:01pm [ 10 ]

Best part of this article - the picture!

November 26, 2011 9:37pm [ 11 ]

Thank you Michigan! Great results this year and back in perspective.

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